Emirati Women a Key Driving Force Behind UAE’s Notable Achievements in Satellite Communications and Space

Yahsat proudly celebrates Emirati Women’s Day, recognizing accomplishments of its talented engineers including Athari Almansoori, Aida Al Yaaqoubi, Nada Obaid and Maryam Alsereidi

 Abu Dhabi, UAE, 28 August 2023: Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (“Yahsat” or the “Group”) PJSC, the UAE’s flagship satellite solutions provider, (ADX trading symbol: YAHSAT), has proudly celebrated the achievements of its Emirati women workforce in a company townhall, under the 2023 Emirati Women’s Day theme of ‘We Collaborate for Tomorrow.’ 

Emirati women are crucial to the UAE national workforce across the Group, with Yahsat dedicated to further increasing their participation given their notable contributions in both technical and non-technical roles. Talented UAE women have repeatedly proven that they are vital to both ensuring the success of the company. Yahsat has paved the way for Emirati women to not only excel in technology sectors traditionally dominated by men, but also assume key leadership positions. Senior management roles at Yahsat occupied by women have steadily increased, with active plans to find more Emirati women to take up senior positions.

Ali Al Hashemi, Yahsat Group CEO, said: “The UAE’s achievements in the satellite and space segments over the past 50 years has been nothing short of extraordinary and Emirati women have been at the backbone of this country’s development and success in line with the leadership’s vision to empower women and achieve gender balance. This is especially true for Yahsat: I am proud of our Emirati women workforce who have proven that their skills, bold decision-making, and leadership qualities have made a positive impact in the satellite communications and space industry.”

Yahsat’s townhall recognized its Emirati Women’s remarkable accomplishments including that of Athari Almansoori, a Senior Engineer of Programme Engineering at Yahsat’s government arm, Yahsat Government Solutions, who has been tasked with leading the demanding and critical operations role of overseeing the Group’s multiple international projects. Other notable Yahsat women achievers include Aida Al Yaaqoubi, a Senior Engineer of Spacecraft Analysis and President of Yahsat’s Youth Council, Nada Obaid, a Senior Systems Engineer and a key member of Yahsat’s ongoing Thuraya 4-NGS satellite programme and Maryam Saeed Alsereidi, Vice President of Information Technology, who is leading the digital transformation of the Group.

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