Yahsat and Sevis Systems announce successful technical validation of optimized 3G & LTE Mobile Backhaul via YahClick

4th August 2015, UAE: UAE based Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PrJSC (Yahsat) today announced successful collaboration with Texas-based mobile backhaul technology developer Sevis Systems, to deliver an optimized backhaul solution that facilitates the expansion of mobile networks across the Yahsat Ka-band footprint.

Yahsat’s pursuit of an optimized satellite backhaul solution stems from a demanding mobile broadband market and sophistication in today’s mobile devices, which push usage patterns towards an increasingly data-dominated mobile environment. This puts a considerable strain on cellular backhaul infrastructure, particularly in locations unserved or underserved by terrestrial networks. For the expansion of mobile broadband access in such locations, network operators are often left with a difficult choice between paying prohibitively high prices for satellite backhaul bandwidth and investing in their own terrestrial access infrastructure.

To get around this Capex and Opex backhaul challenge, Yahsat and Sevis began collaborating on the design and validation of a cost-effective satellite backhaul alternative. The companies jointly conducted technical validation and interoperability testing on the YahClick platform, successfully demonstrating substantial bandwidth savings via voice and data optimization as well as improved performance via TCP acceleration, which boosts the speed of TCP-based applications including mobile web browsing, file downloads and HTTP video streaming.

The integrated IP backhaul solution resulting from the integration of Yahsat’s Ka-band transport layer and Sevis’ optimizers is mobile-network agnostic and can thus seamlessly integrate with any small cell 3G Iuh or LTE base station vendor used by the mobile operators and YahClick partners.

The pre-tested backhaul solution is based on Yahsat’s Ka-band system and Sevis’ scalable 7000-series optimization platform with a rich, software-defined, feature set. In addition to offering a cost-effective wireless backhaul solution, the solution will also enable service options such as traffic offload and overflow via satellite. The optimized hybrid satellite-cellular solution can also be used to bridge the digital divide through mobile connectivity, and as a way to lower the total cost of ownership for governments implementing backhaul solution programs.

David Murphy, Chief Commercial Officer of Yahsat said, “As an organization, Yahsat always seeks to adopt the newest and most efficient service delivery platforms in order to support our partners, grow our business and expand our geographic footprint. We are excited by the prospect of further improving mobile connectivity in our markets and look forward to continuing our work with Sevis to activate this service on the ground, post the validation phase. Their credentials and track record give us confidence that a viable and attractive solution will be developed.”

Tim Peyla, VP of Business Development at Sevis Systems said, “Sevis remains committed to push the boundaries of what is possible in high-throughput satellite (HTS) backhaul. The combination of the Opex saving virtues of Yahsat’s Ka-band satellite frequency reuse and use of our acceleration and optimization technology has a lot of synergy. We look forward to continuing working closely with Yahsat as we seek to demonstrate this efficient hybrid broadband concept to YahClick distributors and mobile network operators.”