Resolving environmental challenges with sustainable connectivity

Environment and Sustainability

Yahsat is at the forefront of satellite communications and is committed to developing new innovative technologies that would effectively tackle environmental challenges supporting the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy that will improve well-being among communities, public and private entities.

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ESG Basis of Reporting

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Innovation: Innovative satellite communications saves energy and when used across many sectors, it can reduce the carbon foot print for maritime, mining, aviation, road transportation as well as the Oil and Gas sectors. 

 Yahsat Saves Lives 

Disaster Response Commitment 

A Climate Resilient Future: Yahsat continues to engage with NGOs, conservation funds and international organizations to help support their initiatives. Geological teams and conservation experts use our communication technologies while engaged in field work in geographies as diverse as Kazakhstan and Africa. We have joined hands with the Sahara Conservation Fund to protect endangered species. Weather experts use our solutions to gauge the effects of climate change on sensitive ecosystems in Nepal.

Community Engagement: By engaging and raising awareness amongst key communities such as Maritime, Energy, Aero and Mining, Yahsat is instrumental in providing tangible solutions to issues such as reducing gas emissions.