Committed to diversity and inclusion

Engineering social growth

As a global Satellite Operator, Yahsat is committed to diversity and equal opportunities deploying all necessary resources anywhere supporting societies with connectivity that help improving productivity, safety and quality of life across education, health, national security & economic development.

Diversity & Inclusion: Yahsat strives to foster belonging and engagement at work. Inclusion is how we unleash the power of diversity. We create relevant work environment for our diverse workforce. We listen and engage with our diverse communities and value teamwork with our diverse partners.  More than 42 nationalities are represented at Yahsat and our people speak over 60 languages. Female representation is steadily on the rise. For us, diversity and inclusivity go hand in hand.

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Humanitarian Engagement: Yahsat is continuing its active engagement with international humanitarian and relief organizations to support their initiatives. Our contributions tackle many aspects from creating awareness about how to use satellite technology for donation of equipment and airtime. Yahsat is an active contributor and supports humanitarian organizations such as the UAE's National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA), Emirates Red Crescent Authority as well as international responders such as the United Nations (UN), United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), World Food Organization (WFO) and Emergency Telecommunication Cluster (ETC). In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Yahsat has provided free Wi-Fi connectivity to over 480 relief missions in South Africa

Education: Yahsat is committed to bridging the digital divide between urban and rural regions and to supporting e-learning initiatives to contribute to the welfare of children in connectivity deprives areas. These initiatives will enable students to use online resources in the same way as their counterparts in urban areas. We have supported numerous e-learning initiatives and Telemedicine programmes in Kenya, Pakistan, and in the UAE during the COVID outbreak through the Ministry of Education and ADEK.

Emirati Talent Development: Yahsat is actively contributing to the UAE’s National Space Programme by training Emirati cadres in satellite engineering and airspace sciences. The Yahsat Space Lab set up in 2017 has trained more than 30 UAE national interns in the last 3 years in developing and launching CubeSats to space. Additionally, we are providing on-the-job training and exposure for interns and fresh UAE recruits through internships, satellite programmes and career placements.

UAE as a Sustainable & Sovereign Space Economy: Yahsat is elevating the UAE’s reputation as a sustainable and sovereign space economy by making full use of our expertise to realize this vision. Yahsat is developing in-country R&D capabilities to produce satellite communications solutions, using domestic knowledge, production capabilities and technology leadership. Advanced technology development is set to boost UAE’s industrialization efforts.