Mobile Satellite Communications

Leading MSS operator for L-band based voice and data services

Established in 1997, Thuraya offers innovative communications solutions to a variety of sectors including energy, government, broadcast media, maritime, military, aerospace and humanitarian NGO and covers more than two thirds of the world’s population, equivalent to 5 billion people. Providing state-of-the art communication solutions in over 161 countries, Thuraya is the only MSS operator to deliver GSM roaming capabilities from more than 395 worldwide GSM operators.

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Network & Products/Solutions

Thuraya’s rich portfolio of integrated solutions, satellite phones and broadband terminals are reputed globally for reliability, flexibility and resilience on land, at sea and in air.

Geosynchronous satellite systems have been proven secure and highly reliable with products and services that extend customer portfolios and coverage into emerging markets beyond the GSM realm through the integration of advanced satellite-based telecommunications.

High Link Margin (LKM) enables Thuraya to build compact and portable devices while its fleet and network architecture allows for dynamic response to traffic requirements to avoid congestion in hotspot areas.

  • World’s leading provider of satellite handsets
  • Land and maritime IP terminals
  • Facilitates Aero, in-flight connectivity & data-sharing platforms
  • Delivers IoT/M2M services

Target Sectors

Thuraya’s depth of expertise makes it a natural partner of choice for governments and militaries, offering easily deployable voice and broadband solutions, bring-your-own- and build-your-own-devices that operate on secure networks.

Our solutions boost effectiveness in the field through voice calls, fax, SMS, Internet and IoT/ M2M services, enabling information transfer and decision-making to support mining, logistics, construction and utilities in rural and remote environments.

Thuraya’s narrowband and broadband data facilitates maritime requirements such as merchant shipping, fishing, government, navy and the coast guard.  While reliability, portability, security and performance in the field enables journalists to remain focused on breaking the news without having to worry about staying connected.

  • GovernmentComms
  • EnergyComms
  • EnterpriseComms
  • MediaComs
  • MarineComms
  • ReliefComms
  • LeisureComms