Khalid Al Kaf

Khalid Al Kaf is the new Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Yahsat. His focus is on addressing strategic operational issues that influence business performance and efficiencies of cost. Khalid is committed to effecting major changes in the performance and efficiency of Yahsat’s business as a whole. Prior to his new appointment, he held the post of Executive Vice President (EVP) within the company.

Khalid is responsible for Network Operation Centers, IT, Commercial and Military Operations, and for realizing innovations to achieve greater efficiency and performance within the company.

Khalid joined Yahsat in 2017 to merge and lead the Yahsat Operations team. Before joining Yahsat, Khalid was Infrastructure and Operations Director at Etisalat, managing IT infrastructure and operations for applications, hardware, network, B2B, software, and IT capacity management. He was involved in finding and implementing innovative outcomes for customer facing products, while increasing revenue generation.

Khalid holds a BSc in computer engineering from Khalifa University (formerly Etisalat College of Engineering) and is currently studying for his Executive MBA from INSEAD.


Khalid Al Kaf

Chief Operating Officer (COO)