Eisa Al Shamsi

Eisa Al Shamsi is the Deputy General Manager of Yahsat Government Solutions (YGS). He is responsible for delivering YGS projects and certifying the design of the Yahsat Military network. He is also responsible for all technical aspects within YGS, and leads the department’s technical strategy to support growth in line with the YGS mission and objectives.

Eisa has held various positions at Yahsat, the most recent being the Executive Vice President of Engineering and Program Delivery and Management. He has been involved in technical operations for both Communications and Remote Sensing Satellite Systems. He also possesses vast experience in custom satellite and telecommunications hybrid networks, alongside ICT software and infrastructure.

Eisa has been the technical consultant and Ground Segment Director for prestigious programs for Remote Sensing Satellite System for the UAE Government. Eisa’s professional highlights include being a part of the UAE Space Agency feasibility Study Committee in 2012.

Trained at the most challenging and prestigious institute - UAE Armed Forces Signal Corps - he has the distinction of being part of the Yahsat satellites (AY1 and AY2) program in Toulouse, France.

Eisa graduated with a Masters in Business Administration from INSEAD alongside a BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


EIsa Al Shamsi

Deputy General Manager of Yahsat Government Solutions (YGS)