Yahsat sets the bar high for global connectivity as it unveils ‘Project SKY’, an ambitious Direct-2-Device (D2D) strategy

·      The industry disruptive strategy is primed to transform the lives of billions of people and accelerate IoT growth

·      Smartphone users in underserved and unserved communities will be able to enjoy non-stop, affordable connectivity globally via multi-orbit satellite constellations

·      The project forms part of Yahsat’s wider strategy to accelerate efforts to venture into emerging sectors with high growth potential


Abu Dhabi, UAE, 19 February 2024: In a compelling move to reshape the satellite connectivity industry, Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (ADX: YAHSAT), the UAE’s flagship satellite solutions provider, today launched an ambitious Direct-2-Device (D2D) strategy to elevate global connectivity by directly enabling smartphone users and IoT devices across the world to leverage the power of SpaceTech, regardless of location.


This is expected to usher in a new chapter in Yahsat’s journey and growth trajectory. By employing open technology standards to push the boundaries of connectivity and address the global need for ubiquitous reliable communication and support global efforts to bridge the digital divide. It has the potential to connect billions of people and devices via multi-orbit satellite constellations.


Project SKY comprises two phases:

-       Phase one: The company plans to offer voice and messaging capabilities this year before releasing texting and IoT capabilities on smartphones in 2025, using Yahsat’s Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites including T2, T3 and T4, which is expected to be launched later this year

-       Phase two: known as ‘Project BlueStar’, the company aims to enable full Direct to Device connectivity through a scalable and sustainable satellite network



The two-phase strategy covers three main applications: voice, texting and data. Yahsat will offer customers and technology enthusiasts a preview of its D2D portfolio of innovative products and solutions during its participation at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona later this month.


Ali Al Hashemi, Group Chief Executive Officer of Yahsat, said: “We are excited to launch our D2D strategy to revolutionize our industry by providing billions of people, organizations and businesses across various sectors with seamless, reliable and efficient access to connectivity. This strategy is a critical and significant part of Yahsat’s wider growth strategy. We developed our D2D strategy – Project SKY, by carefully examining our strengths and capabilities and leveraging our expertise to capitalize on evolving market conditions.”


Yahsat’s robust D2D strategy reinforces its proactive approach to shifting market trends and evolving technologies. The company is positioned to deliver high-quality connectivity that will empower various services, such as eLearning and Tele-medicine in unserved/underserved communities via its existing and planned satellite capabilities.


With D2D connectivity more people than ever before, especially in remote areas, will be able to gain access to a whole host of services that will positively transform their lives. We are relentlessly working to solidify Yahsat’s leadership in the industry, unlocking lucrative growth opportunities. It is an inspiring moment for us, especially since we are also beginning a new chapter in our journey through the potential merger with Bayanat to create a global AI-powered SpaceTech champion,” Mr. Ali Al Hashemi concluded.