Thuraya collaborates with Norway-based AnsuR Technologies to distribute its advanced video compression solutions

Asmira video compression technology delivers advanced capabilities to end users across multiple verticals 

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 20 November 2023: Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the mobile satellite services subsidiary of the UAE’s flagship satellite solutions provider, Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC, has announced a partnership with leading Norway-based technology company, AnsuR Technologies AS to enable businesses in various international markets to leverage the benefits of its advanced video compression technology, Asmira.
Asmira video compression is a versatile, network-agnostic software solution designed for video streaming from remote sites and platforms, offering various benefits to various users and across a wide range of use cases. The agreement expands Thuraya’s portfolio of advanced solutions, introducing Asmira to its worldwide distribution network with a bundled license that includes an airtime subscription package for end users who require video compression solutions. The partnership is part of Yahsat’s strategy to meet increasing market demand for Video and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions for improved situational awareness as well as safety and security.

The solution can be offered through customizable business models providing flexibility to meet varying and challenging use cases while also simplifying management of the service. The key benefits of the Asmira video compression technology include the efficient utilisation of available bandwidth and bitrates hard-capped at low levels, securing operations even when bandwidth is constrained. This ensures that users achieve the best video quality with smaller and lighter equipment.

Sulaiman Al Ali, Yahsat Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Our partnership with AnsuR is yet another example of how Yahsat and Thuraya are staying ahead of the curve by anticipating greater market demand. AnsuR has a suite of advanced video compression technologies that make it an ideal choice for a wide range of use scenarios. By leveraging Yahsat's worldwide distribution network we will be able to expand the use of Asmira and the benefits it brings to more end users.”

Harald Skinnemoen, Founder, Chairman and CTO of AnsuR, said: “We are incredibly happy with this partnership. It brings together the most cost-effective, high-definition video streaming technologies for perhaps the most demanding markets with an optimal partner for us.”

Asmira boasts a range of features that are aimed at a broad spectrum of use cases from special operations, ISR, through to video streaming from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, vessels, and vehicles as well as border monitoring and control, in addition to monitoring and surveillance of critical infrastructure and perimeter security and safety.

The platform provides a host of advantages that can enable the end-user to leverage their capabilities for the best result. These include: a network-agnostic software solution for video streaming from remote sites and platforms; enabling the efficient use of bandwidth; optimised video for low data rate transfer; it can run on a PC or be embedded into a platform unmanned, manned, aircraft, ship, vehicle; real-time content of critical and relevant visual information for rapid decision making.

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