Yahsat Demonstrates YahClick Go at CABSAT

Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PrJSC (Yahsat), a private joint stock company fully owned by Mubadala, has launched its live transportable connectivity solution, YahClick Go, for customers who require instant broadband connectivity in changing outdoor locations. Visitors to the Yahsat stand at Cabsat (B2-10) can witness a live on-screen transmission from the YahClick Go vehicle-mounted terminal located outside the exhibition halls.

YahClick Go enables broadcasters, businesses, government entities, and individuals to travel within the same country or across borders with quickly and cost effective connection to high performance broadband internet at their destination, no matter how remote.
Shawkat Ahmed, Yahsat Chief Commercial Officer said: “Our transportable broadband internet solution is vital for any individual or organisation that needs internet access across a variety of changing outdoor locations. Our YahClick Go service ensures customers can now achieve the same performance in every location, regardless of landscape or infrastructure presence. For example, you can be in a crowded city in the morning and in a small isolated village in the afternoon, and still access the same quality high-speed, reliable satellite broadband internet from the same equipment.”

The YahClick Go user terminal consists of an auto pointing antenna that can be mounted on a standard SUV and operated by single or multiple users. The YahClick Go service also delivers a significantly lower cost in terms of recurring fees and first time equipment/installation compared with traditional transportable satellite systems. Most importantly, YahClick Go provides much higher speeds at significantly lower transmission costs without the need to forecast or reserve bandwidth in advance. For broadcasters and other businesses looking to manage fleet costs, YahClick Go is a totally pre-paid solution that allows headquarters to determine exactly how much each subscriber is allowed to spend. Users are only charged for the data they actually transmit or receive, with no wasted charges for “waiting time or booking time”, common satellite industry complaints.
Designed to establish instant data communications virtually anywhere in the YahClick coverage area spanning the Middle East, Africa, Central and South West Asia region, YahClick Go is suitable for a wide range of industries. For example, media and broadcasters can cost effectively use YahClick Go to increase their direct broadcasting and forward transmissions from different locations for breaking news, social activities and other forms of newsgathering.

While satellite transportable services are well known among broadcasters and media personnel, the YahClick Go service cost effectively opens this sector to other business segments. For example, YahClick Go can be used by rural medical officers sharing patient data from remote locations with medical experts in main cities or across the world. In addition, YahClick Go is ideal for the oil and gas sector transmitting video from local sites to expert analysts in the HQ, the construction industry achieving internet connectivity even before the first brick has been laid, or any entity requiring disaster recovery services for instant communication when terrestrial means of communication are no longer available. In the same instance, governments can use the service to provide immediate connection for various e-government applications for mobile government service outlets, election posts, and community outreach programs.

YahClick Go offers subscription plans designed for broadcasters offering prioritized uplink signal transmission and different service plans for businesses, governments and private users needing high speed download capabilities.

The YahClick broadband service covers 28 countries across the Middle East, Africa, South West and Central Asia. Already operational in Angola, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and South Africa, YahClick will complete service roll out by the end of 2013 in partnership with 30 in-market Service Providers.