Yahsat’s Second Satellite Y1B Reaches its Final Destination

Yahsat’s second satellite Y1B has successfully arrived at its point of operations, 47.5 degrees east, roughly above the United Arab Emirates after its successful launch on April 24th (02.18am Abu Dhabi time).

Y1B is stationed on a geo-stationary orbit and will work for no less than 15 years providing broadband satellite communication, Internet and corporate data transfer services to clients across the Middle East, Africa, and Southwest Asia.

“We are proud to announce the successful launch of our second satellite Y1B,” says Tareq Abdel Raheem Al Hosani, CEO of Yahsat. “Y1B will offer affordable, uninterrupted and high-speed satellite broadband internet service for under-served communities across the region via our YahClick service. Now in its final position, controllers will spend the next several weeks testing every aspect of the satellite’s functionality before its systems are activated for Y1B’s duel commercial and civil missions.”

Jassem Mohamed Al Zaabi, Yahsat’s, Chairman of Yahsat adds: “The successful launch of Y1B is a testament to Yahsat’s strong vision and mission to becoming one of the region’s leading satellite operations. Looking ahead our team will complete the final testing stage for Y1B to ensure we are able to roll out satellite broadband connectivity successfully across the region through our YahClick service.”

The Y1B launched by a Proton-M launch vehicle with a Briz-M booster from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, is based on the Eurostar-3000 satellite platform and weighs more than six tonnes, and is also considered to be the biggest satellite ever built in Europe.