Amit Somani

Amit Somani is the Chief Strategy Officer of Yahsat, responsible for guiding the group’s strategy and leading its key corporate and business development opportunities, while overseeing the Regulatory and Spectrum Management and Corporate Communications functions.

Amit has played a prominent role for more than a decade in driving the group’s expansion into new areas of business and new geographies. He was a director at Yahsat’s Brazilian subsidiaries before their contribution to the joint venture with Hughes in Brazil, and currently serves on the board of the joint venture with Hughes to provide satellite broadband services across the Middle East, Africa and Southwest Asia.

Prior to joining Yahsat in 2010, Amit worked as a consultant at Booz and Company, and other international consulting firms, advising clients in the information and communication technology sector across the globe. He has spent significant portions of his career in North America, South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Amit holds a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering with French from the University of Nottingham and an MBA from the London Business School.


Amit Somani

Chief Strategy Officer