Ismail Ali Abdulla 

Ismail Abdulla is the Managing Director of Strata. He is also Director in UAE Clusters at Mubadala Investment Company. He brings a decade of experience in finance and business development within the aerospace industry. From his position at Mubadala, Ismail played a key role in the creation of Strata, acting as the company’s asset manager since 2009. He previously served as project lead for the Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park. Ismail joined Mubadala in 2008, during his tenure, Ismail has held a series of roles within the Aerospace, Renewables, and ICT (AR&I) platform’s business development team and guided countless projects from conception through to delivery. 

Other Directorships

Strata (Director BM), Strata Solvay Advanced Composites (Chairman), Levidian Nanosystems (Director BM), MIC UAE Investments (Director BM), Sustainable Holding (Chairman), Solutions+ (Director BM)


Ismail Ali Abdulla