As cloud services has become essential, YahService offers the Unified Communications Cloud Service which provides a number of benefits to the end user. These advantages include data exchange, voice, video conferencing, SCADA applications, and many more. By having the cloud solutions offered by YahService as an option, upfront costly investments will no longer be a concern. It is a matter of selecting the required service and enjoying the quality.

Land Solution:From Oil & Gas customers to military operating in severe land-based environments, YahService Managed Solutions is committed to providing highly reliable and secure satellite communications.

Maritime Solution: Uninterrupted service and Network security are constant concerns for the maritime customer. YahService Managed Solutions is designed to provide connectivity and real-time data

Air Solution: Whether it is a private jet, commercial airliner or a C-17/unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), YahService Managed Solutions delivers high performance, reliable and secure products and services in the sky.

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