This section provides you with the necessary tools which you can use to obtain operational information about Yahsat’s satellites.

Antenna Pointing provides information to allow you to point your antennas at the Yahsat satellites. A calculator is provided to determine the Azimuth & Elevation angles to the ‘Centre of Box’ from your input antenna location. For more accurate pointing, Intelsat-11 parameters may be downloaded for direct input into your Antenna Control Unit.

Centre Of Box times are given to allow customers who are pointing fixed antennas based upon the signal strength to know the times at which the satellite is within 0.01° of the centre of the box. In this way the antenna will be optimally pointed to allow for the normal motion of the satellite within box.

Sun Outage predictions allow you to know when your downlink signals may be affected by the Sun passing directly behind the satellite. A tool is provided to determine the specific dates and times of such occurrences after input of some details about your antenna. In addition an annotated map of the coverage area allows you to visualize the date and time that different areas of the world are affected.