Twice a year close to the equinoxes, for a short period of time lasting for a few days, the Sun will be almost behind the satellite. This is unavoidable for every Ground Station that can see the satellite. There is a small possibility that at these times, the reception of the Downlink signal may be subject to interference from the Sun’s radiation. The tools given here allow Customers to predict the times when their own Station may be subject to this effect and reassure them that any noticeable effects will only be transitory.

The following Sun Outage Prediction support is provided for YahSat Customers:

The Sun Outage calculator is currently under development, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.

Sun Outage Calculator provides a tool to allow Customers to determine the specific dates and times that such interference may occur for a selected YahSat satellite after input of their geodetic antenna location and size and downlink frequency.

Sun Outage map provides a map of the YahSat satellite coverage area annotated with date and time contours indicating when the Sun is directly behind the satellite. In addition the currently affected area is marked, assuming typical antenna sizes, and this area is updated in real-time.

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The contours on the Sun Outage Map indicate the time when the Sun is directly behind the Satellite as seen from each point on the ground. Depending upon the antenna size and downlink frequency, Sun Outage might be expected for a few minutes either side of this time and a few days either side of this date. For example:

C Ku Ka Affected times Affected dates
Size (m) Size (m) Size (m) (min) (days)
9 4.5 ±1 ±0
9 3 1.5 ±2 ±1
5 1.8 0.9 ±4 ±2
3 0.9 ±7 ±5
0.9 ±20 ±15